SAG-AFTRA,AEA                  Blonde
                                                                  Blue eyes

As The World Turns                 Recurring                    CBS/Various Dir.
Citilife (pilot: The World)        Series Regular               GaGaProductions
Chappelle’s Show                   Cameo                        Comedy Central/Dave Chappelle
Tomorrow Knows                     Co-Star                      Fl. Productions/music video

Old Dogs                           Supporting                   Walt Becker/Walt Disney Pic.
Bad Company                        Supporting                   Joel Schumacher/Touchstone
The 5 minute Game                  Supporting                   Demetrious Poulos/Dir. 
Off Broadway                       Supporting                   K. Productions New York
Downsizing Of The Gods             Supporting                   Anna Maria Vag/Dir.

Suicide Anyone?                    Myrtle, Betsy,Rita/Lead      45th Street Theatre
Star Spangled Girl                 Sophie/Lead                  Playwrights Horizons
Crimes Of The Heart                Meg/Lead                     Gene Frankel Theatre
A Palm Tree In A Rose Garden       Lila/Lead                    The Actors’ Theatre
A Streetcar Named Desire           Blanche/Lead                 Gene Frankel Theatre
Down The Road                      Iris/Lead                    Producers’ Club
A Game Of Chance                   Cheryl/Alice/Lead            American Theatre of Actors
Crossover                          Realtor/Lead                 Jan Hus Playhouse, NYC
Sexual Perversity In Chicago       Joan/Lead                    Producers’ Club	
Arthur Of The Little Round Table   Harriet/Supporting           Gene Frankel Theatre
Caesar And Cleopatra               Theodotus/Persian/Supporting Impact Theater
If This Is A Dream                 Celina/Lead                  The Riant Theatre
Julius Caesar                      Calpurnia/Octavius/SupportingThe Riant Theatre
Mother’s Day                       June/Supporting              The Author’s Playhouse, LI

Available Upon Request

COMEDY (Great Comedic Timing)
 Stand-Up New York                 New York Comedy Club         Boston Comedy Club

Master Class • Ivana Chubbuck      Auditioning •  Juilliard/ NYU• Deloss Brown

Advanced Scene Study • Chris Holder • Terry Schreiber	  Commercial Technique • Joan See
2-Year Meisner Program • JoAnna Beckson	   		  Voice/Speech Technique • Lynn Singer
Texas Christian University (B.A. Program) Dean’s List

New York Women In Film And Television Member
Current Passport Owner, Tennis, Swimming, Aerobics, Jogging, Bicycling, Volleyball, Baseball,
Ice Skating

DIALECTS: Southern